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About Us



Our Purpose

Our purpose at New Drop Tees is to provide a marketplace platform for clothing brands too design and sell apparel to pair with sneakers. Here vendors get an online e-commerce store to promote their creative apparel designs  to the  streetwear and sneakerheads communities.

Our Culture

Our culture is one of creativity and fearlessness. We continue to shape the world around us by our style whether its music, fashion, sports or technology.  Today more than ever we are looking beyond the labels, colors, and beliefs to create new systems of communications and collaborations like the world has never imagined. Nothing is more shared than culture and together we embraced its fashion, new and old to create a community of New Drops. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Mission

Our mission at New Drop Tees is to help vendors make profits from using our platform. We aim to build a culture of community and collaboration in the creative space of streetwear design and sneaker colorways, where we push the boundaries in matching new drip with new drops.